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About us

A consultancy boutique which specializes in top education advice for the brightest children in Poland aged 12-17. The narrow area of expertise we concentrate on is ‘boarding schools’ in the UK and Switzerland. Additionally we are very best at preparing children who are interested in subjects related to business (e.g. economics, entrepreneurship, finance…) 

Our alumni were offered places in higher education programs at the following institutions: London School of Economics, Yale School of Management,  Harvard Summer School, Warwick University, Royal Holloway.

Our alumni have been in UK education since 2003 and Switzerland since 2010. Everyone at World Education has at least 5 years of boarding school/leading university experience. World Education works with schools, top recruiters, admission boards in making sure that the brightest children find their way to the best schools in the world. We are registered in the UK company number 06837130 under the name 1eat ltd.  

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